Establishment of Seki Aoi Techno (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  22 Jun 2015

Establishment of Seki Aoi Techno (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


Seki Aoi Techno (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has been established since March 2015 in Manufacturing of PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) for Konica Minolta MFP (Multi-function Printer) production.

Seki Aoi Techno Malaysia was established in Melaka due to our consent to implement innovative production activities in Konica Minolta Malaysia factory that is different from the past, and to contribute to its competitiveness.
By giving an approach to engagement with manpower saving and automation, also in reducing intermediate costs and distributing technical information, we would like to become an essential partner to Konica Minolta.

Seki Aoi Group provides consistent production support from mechatronics/ electronics/ software design until test production/ mass production for board mounting, units and also finished products. 

We also respond to various needs related to production, from artwork, parts distribution until board mounting work, that correspond to special urgent prototyping services as fast as 10 days lead time and to maintain after-sales service of re-designing design due to discontinuation and so on.