MSAT 4th Anniversary Celebration
  29 Feb 2020

MSAT 4th Anniversary Celebration

Happy 4th Anniversary to Seki Aoi Techno (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and all the employees!

Due to Coronavirus Outbreak in Asia, HQ members was not able travel to Malaysia for attending the 4th Anniversary Dinner. However, on behalf of MSAT President - Mr Tetsuo Seki, MSAT Managing Director - Mr Yoshirou Kobayashi brought his message as follow:- 

"On behalf of the SAT Group, I would like to take today Dinner as an opportunity to thanks all MSAT employees for achieving the highest production shipment ever from December 2019 to January 2020. Indeed, I was able to know MSAT abilities."

Mr Kobayashi continue the speech by summarizing the achievement in year 2019. MSAT had run the start-up of the New Factory in May 2019 smoothly, including machine relocation, add new SMT module, mass production and later on organising a SIC Opening Ceremony. Due to these changes, MSAT Annual Output sets increased 4% in year 2019. Nevertheless, MSAT had achieved 6 months Quality Yield more than 94% in July 2019 ~ January 2020 for New Models. For Resolution 2020, MSAT is targetting Annual Output sets increased 29%, as well as 99% Quality yield in year 2022.

MSAT employees applauded after the motivation quote from Mr Kobayashi: 

MSAT aimed to be an Essential and Most Trusted Partner for the Customer!! 
NO.1 EMS in ASIA!!
Mari kita lakukan yang terbaik!